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In 2016 Paul Barton asked me to submit my MW residence project staircase to become one featured in his book on contemporary staircase design.

After many magazine and online publications this was my first book publication. And although some magazine publications have a far bigger reach. This specific one just made me very proud. To be featured next to some of my heroes, Zaha Hadid , Gehry, and other famous architectural firms, now there’s nothing much that comes near.


I have loved doing staircases since the first I have ever done, probably because it’s a hard element togive soul. And secondary because its one of the few elements that I encounter in my mostly residential and renovative project that give me the option to design an architectural element. And yes its always fun, the essential function is key, to shape around that, the staircase is always a vertical volume that along with it’s function easily becomes a focal point in it’s space. It’s often a beautiful coplicated puzzle .


Thanks Paul, it’s a huge compliment!


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