Thomas Laurens de Bakker Portraid by Corbino


Thomas Laurens de Bakker, 

I shape, design, and invent .  Homes, Offices, Furniture, Objects, Art

Pieces to experience!, projects where future of vision meets artisanship.

The key being attention.

This is what my clients say about me: 

Chris Mendola, Founding partner at 180 Communications advertising agency
Project: Office interior design and pm
“No matter what I say, Tom’s actual creations will always speak best for his talent.  Just walk through the spaces he has developed for his clients.  Tom’s gift is about genuinely understanding his client’s identity and needs,  and then creating an aligned visual language and experience which is stunning.  When we briefed Tom to develop 180’s space, he didn’t give us what we wanted, he gave us what we never dreamed was possible.  Tom’s creation for 180 has had a wonderful impact on communicating our brand and our story.”
Laurens Frijters, Fouder at Sparked
Project: Private residence
“Thomas designed and build our interior. his strength to listen and create  contemporary designs and combine these with his building craftsmanship. it’s hard to find this combination nowadays. His love for alternative materials and usability can be recognized in all his work . “
Abram Schermer,Owner at Qwise
Project: Private Residence
“Thomas heeft ons enorm geholpen om ons nieuwe huis conceptueel te ontwerpen. Bovendien heeft hij een schitterende, zwevende trap ontworpen die in staal is gebouwd en toch heel sierlijk en licht is. Zijn kracht is een goed oog voor design, maar wat hem uniek maakt is dat hij de brug tussen ontwerpen en bouwen kan slaan. Bovendien is Thomas heel prettig in de samenwerking. “
Sebastien Sam,
Project: Two Private Residences
“Thomas Laurens takes your initial ideas and wishes as a starting point to design and build the most original and beautiful interiors.
Always surprising, always a bit bold, and since they still reflect elements of your basic idea, you immediately feel it to be yours, being very proud to be the owner.”