For promotional purposes I created a miniature ceramic model of one of my Organic designs.

Since the sharing of your creative baby’s is a very scary process and the possibility of rejection humongous I decided to personally hand over a business card in the form most true to my person.

During the Salone in Milan I personally stalkedĀ 6 directors of my favourite Global brands and handed a well packaged peek at my style in fragile form. With the hammer attached to give me a clear and for this piece final verdict.

I doubt whether the hammers eventually met their counterparts with the appropriate force, and if not then they might still surface one day.

I designed the crouch chair as a part of a line of work inspired by the human body and what we wear to emphasise our form, this translated in what you could call soft recognition of female form in this piece, designed to be made in leather like a dancers bodice crouching and leaning back with her dress draped over her bent legs to mimic a bulging Crinoline. I have not made a life size model and would still play with the option of flaring out the leather strips into a flowerlike fringe at the base draping onto the floor.

As you can see in the simple rendering it would be a quite formal piece as the male version would contain the mass to wrap its arms around you.