This ceramic art piece took me a while, I made 2 moulds to use pouring a dish every three days, I do this sort of work in evening hours so it took me about two years,

This piece, like the changes we strive for takes vision and patience but then the accomplishment suits the exercise somewhat. Time changes a man but always the core of this man is a stable element, you don’t always realise that it’s there but you return to it eventually. This piece represents two years of my life.

  • The 1st picture shows the model,
  • the 2nd the mould ( the rubber core allows the clay to shrink while drying) ,
  • The 3rd depicts a single ceramic dish ( I made about 250 pieces ),
  • The 4th picture shows the installation , as you can see I wrapped the steel ring in nylon cord, the cord holds a thin steel pen along the circumference determining the intended motion.The cord also forms a buffer to keep the expanding steel ring from breaking the ceramic dishes.
  • On the following pictures you can see half the model, the second half is the tricky bit,Imagine lifting a steel semicircular piece that’s holding 40kg of weight that took you a year to create and having to place it carefully on to the base without damaging a single piece.
  • Breaking a sweat yet, well to enhance the experience the ring is held together by a strong spring, hooked to both ends of the fixed part, you need to tension this spring and hook it on right before the ring closes.