Just shy of 17  a rough 20 years ago I started my career at a small specialized shipyard called Rhebergen Multihull yachts. The various composite production systems where still new and developing these made for a very interesting time, in hindsight the most valuable learning curve on my road to become a capable designer and over-all building professional .

Yachts like this Grainger named Aquarius are ultra light and lightning fast, and as most late teens I was eager. At times probably not the easiest employee, but very curious and learning quick.

The years following both in my own business and in work for others I used the learned habit of creative construction, somehow this specific period had taught me that there are few limits and that results can be wielded using a large variety of methods. The result matters but how you get there is the trick. Let your knowledge and skills concerning various production techniques cross-pollinate each other. Standard methods limit your capacity.

And true affordable innovation can be found in the margins between the available production techniques. Take them further outside the box!