A sneak peak at a project in the works !

As most of my friends know I love sports climbing  and I spend a good part of my spare time training for it and when schedule permits outdoors in

Published in this beautifull book by Paul Barton!

Now for sale from Laurence King Publishers, Detail in Contemporary Staircase Design by Paul Barton


as a great compliment to my work I am being featured next to the likes

My first big project:

Just shy of 17  a rough 20 years ago I started my career at a small specialized shipyard called Rhebergen Multihull yachts. The various composite production systems where still new and

How do you make it: nbr 01

Whether it’s a big project or a small one, It helps you as a designer if you know how to produce, and I believe that the best knowledge comes

Woonhuis Bussum,

 Woonhuis Bussum,

In Bussum heb ik dit woonhuis mogen verbouwen,

De kap van het huis hebben we kaal gesloopt en hier in hebben we drie slaapkamers gerealiseerd en een badkamer, om