As most of my friends know I love sports climbing  and I spend a good part of my spare time training for it and when schedule permits outdoors in my beloved Spain.

It’s the best thing to have nature around you all day , climbing areas are mostly in rather uninhabited places or at least places with sublime rock walls and boulders partly covered in rugged plant-life . There is very little in our daily Architectural or interior experience that leaves you with such awe. It’s the layers of colour, shape and texture that come into play and nature’s depth of layers is unparalleled. These places are perfect to find inspiration and I can spend hours looking at the shapes and how it all connects.

I strife to incorporate this layered and in depth approach in my work, to make pieces or parts of projects move and change with your shifting point of view.  Tree’s look vibrantly green out there and it’s not just life itself its the fact that without realising it we actually see endless shades of that green in one look.

Currently I’m working on a gem, a small yet refined bathroom. The mostly curved interior will feature a Taupe coloured hard stone bench winding all around, walnut cabinets and a washbasin like rocks shaped by the centuries.  Being near these pieces you can not keep your hands of them, they are very sensual.

I can talk about organic design or the organic experience of good work even when its quite angular however there is little angular about these. I first sculpted them from foam, 40 models at least before I found the right set as they needed to work together as a constellation of shapes. Once both the client and I agreed we took the next step to acquire the wood and start cutting , planing , squaring and gluing . and last but defiantly not least the slow and dusty sculpting . Often I shape these organic pieces in 3D-designprograms and then use CAD driven production solutions however there’s a lot lost in that aproach and when you work from the eye to the hand it’s like sketching in 3D, the artisanship in combination with all the human senses. Befitting the sculptural essence of this project.

It has been wonderful, and still is actually as the pieces are being finished looking like they’ve been dipped in a bath of molten glass !

I can not wait to show you the constellation once all parts are merged together in the bathroom, in what I believe will be a stunning combination of texture colour and shape.

These beautiful pictures are made by stills photographer Maarten Wouters, Thanks Maarten stunning lighting !