Whether it’s a big project or a small one, It helps you as a designer if you know how to produce, and I believe that the best knowledge comes from experience. Learn a craft so that you will understand the challenges it poses. It teaches you about materials, how your vision implicates production cost, what specific limits you need to keep into account when designing. And whether your design bears the fruit of all the opportunities the chosen material possesses.

Once you have this experience you can wield better results, stronger design vision and you can get most out of a budget by doing what you can to ease the production process.

This staircase is such an exercise and here’s the quick description of the process:

Sketch an idea > Guess how much time your going to spend in production and Materials > Take a risk and sell it > Measure exactly > Design it accurately in 3D > Draw Sawing plan > , Print the separate needed pieces 1:1 > Order the wood > Make it !

 And yes, you need to figure out what works , when it comes to designing staircases there’s rules to abide by for safety but there’s more, It serves a purpose so it can either do that well and offer comfort or fail to do so and be destroyed before it has properly served its time. Your best work will last.