Project Description

180Communications Advertising agency, Amsterdam

Project description: Design a new interior language and communal spaces for the new residence

Size: 2400m2

Client: 180Communications Advertising Agency headquarters

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The partners asked us to develop the Interior for their new Office buildings communal spaces, Reception areas , Conference rooms and other communal spaces and various of the office areas.

Main Reception:

TL designed the main reception area with 180’s business in mind, offering a balanced space with on one side a screaming 14meter long and 4meter high presentation wall that doubles a hughe storage facility incl pantry kitchen . It’s the high doors holding  A1 size frames ,a grid to be printed in house. Directly opposite and in hard contrast  a cozy elevated waiting area hanging as a separate save space within the light, The counter element build with a tactile ceramic surfacefinish offers a smooth yet luxurious feel. The materials all high-end and chosen to enhance the sculptured experience.

The main conference room:

The main conference room is situated in the original audience-room on the garden side of this 2400m2 monumental canal side residence, a room with the original panelling , window hatches and old Wenge floor topped of with a beautiful gold plated mirror on the chimney.  The partners first asked for a conference table and chairs in the classic setup, however while thinking about 180’s style of business TL devised that the classical opposing sided table would not fit 180’s methods. So instead TL designed a large semi formal sitting element allowing for 30+ occupants. The soft triangular shape cancels out opposite positions and the voluminous back enhances the sense of seclusion, of safety, The entire experience is shaped to feel like a huddle , “together working on the outcome”

To contrast the darkness within this huddle the 800kg lasercut Perspex table is designed to absorb the available natural light and reflect it like a soft diamond back into the room. The stepped stack gives the impression to be wedged into the building and therefore in connection with the whole agency.

To allow for  proper presentation TL has hidden the projector behind the original mirror and within the chimney.  The adjacent media management room took the additional presentation systems out of sight.