Project Description


This project is very close to my heart, there seldom comes a client along that lets you truly follow your hearts desire.

An organic design for a bathroom seems very fitting as the bathroom is the place we are most fragile and that needs a soft and most gentle language of shape and sensation.

The concept is based on natural flow and how water shapes objects over time. I have tried to express this in almost water worn shapes of the furniture situated along the hard-stone bench that itself flows around the room.

The ceiling along the same concept is to seem like a riverbed, flowing around the simple basic layout. the light fixtures as boulders laying in the steam and with it shaping the surrounding riverbed.

All in all the result is a place of personal contemplation and peace, just like the one’s we find out there in nature, the spots that leave you breathless and become fond memories.

I hope this touches a similar sensation within you.

With beautiful pictures thanks to:  Leonard Faustle ( location ) and Maarten Wouters ( studio stills )