180 Communications Ad-agency Amsterdam

( Currently 180 Kingsday ) year: 2004


180 at the time was one of the fastest growing internationally operating ad-agencies in Amsterdam doing cutting edge work. The Partners invited us for a two week try out session to design the interior for their new premises, After those two weeks we presented our vision for their new building next to the Amsterdam mayors official residence.

We ended up designing and managing the realisation of interior for the entry-space, the conference room and the communal spaces. Besides we took care of a variety of finishes and trimmings all around the building. Both the design and realisation was finished in time for a tight 6month deadline.

The entry-space design contains three elements:

First a tactile and yet subdued reception unit. Black steel frames around bumpy white tiles on the outside, Tiles we had especially made for the project at “De Tichelaar from Makkum”. The desk also sheltered the incoming visitor and realised a slow entrance. This way the visitor would be properly awed by the material on the big wall.

Second a 15 meter long practical wall, containing besides ample storage a pantry kitchen,  mail slots and a cloak-space. The full height doors in front of the storage facility each hold 6 A1 photo-frames. This gives 180 the option of showing their latest work on a grand scale, while thinking of budget as they are able to print this format in-house.

Third a quiet and contrasting Waiting room. Opposite and in opposition to the loud wall an elevated waiting room, all comfortable, cosy and warm contained space. Sheltering the visitor while giving the perfect podium to take in the latest work.

The second space of note is the Main Conference room:

After a request for a formal setup in the original Gentlemen’s room of the old building I also designed a less formal plan. Eventually they chose my vision, An enormous 30 person fitting couch that knows no opposite positions, Inspired by a rugby huddle the setup invites to work together and to create a “safe” bubble to do so. The “plectrum” shaped couch has a huge back that enhances this bubble feeling. In the centre stands a low 850kg Coffee-table from specially cut Perspex, cut to give the sensation of being a shard of glass punched right trough the floor. The table catches the light in an otherwise comfortably subdued space within the bubble and therewith serving as a vocal point anchoring the atmosphere. Further details include a beamer-setup behind the gilded classical mirror and a set of tactile acoustic screens.


Here’s what the CEO and founding Partner Guy Hayward had to say about the conference room in the Quote article 2004:

The showcase of our office, an impressive yet informal room, a perfect result proven by the Wow-reaction from just about any visitor, old meets new.

And here’s what Chris Mendola ( founding Partner of 180 ) had to say about my work:

“No matter what I say, Tom’s actual creations will always speak best for his talent.  Just walk through the spaces he has developed for his clients.  Tom’s gift is about genuinely understanding his client’s identity and needs,  and then creating an aligned visual language and experience which is stunning.  When we briefed Tom to develop 180’s space, he didn’t give us what we wanted, he gave us what we never dreamed was possible.  Tom’s creation for 180 has had a wonderful impact on communicating our brand and our story.”

Thanks Chris for giving me a shot!


Finally 180 Kingsday contacted me 2020 with questions about certain repairs that needed to be done, what a blast, not only that we designed and build quality for duration, but also that the work is still doing what it should 😊 that its good enough to repair, This is the biggest compliment!