2nd Sam/Crommentuijn Residence  year: 2012

Unfortunately I don’t have good images picturing this project however I do want to show it.

The small freestanding house was a cramped with a multitude of small dark spaces.


I was commissioned to design and renovate this project. The house albeit small needed light and spaciousness while offering enough bedrooms. The design opened up both floors to air and light.

After changes in tye loadbearing walls and floor structure we added three bedrooms on the 1st floor. The efficient setup allowed light to pass trough all the spaces trough high windows in the roofs A-frames.

I loved specifically to design and make a basic yet beautiful two quarter staircase form Meranti. The folded centre stringer flows up in-sinq with the side stringers.

Finalising the project I made a simple bookcase of stacked boxes, the oak finished boxes carry a simple oak edge profile that sets them slightly apart. A little depth added to a design that was otherwise simple.