Edwards Residence  year: 2009


This two story penthouse with a view of the Amsterdam Vondelpark is situated in a spacious rowhouse. The client asked me to design a spacious and light open living on the dark attic, and secondary to add a small terrace on to the roof.

I proposed cutting the entire centre section from the mansard roof and laying a steel structure into the gap. Spanning the space sideways yet detaching it from the original roof with two wide rooflights front and back. The addition of light into the highest part of the roof balanced out the slight loss in height. Adding extra windows in the front standing section of the roof finalised an extremely light and spacious room.

The client wated to dress the room with white furniture as was fashionable at the time, however his love for Japanese design inspired me to choose a white highmax solid surface material, this surface has the phenomenal quality to seem like paper. I strengthened the idea by origami-folding the surface around the Kitchen island.

Entering the top floor by the central staircase you see the long unit of furniture slants away. the space becoming wider to front and back. This pulls you in and subtly divides the space. The simple combination with the oiled oak floor worked very well.