MR Organic Bathroom  year: 2016


My client asked me to design a bathroom for het out-of-town secondary residence. As we have known one another since my early twenties we have a history and I count myself lucky with her as a friend. We have over time come to know each other’s likes and styles, sharing a love for the organic form. I am extremely grateful for each and every opportunity she gives me. She somehow always approached me with a new challenges when life got me down and it has kept me sane and joyful through tough times.

The base of the design is a river stream, somewhat poetically , The hardstone benches on a similar plinth curve around the room. The four massive walnut wooden pieces like water-carved pebbles in a stream. We carefully worked towards a collection of shapes and layout that distributed masses and spaces to enhance both their own presence and the composition. The modern ornamental ceiling/lighting design underlines the idea and further crystallises the “story”..

The one thought that never sat 100% right with me is to have the organic flowing bench set in a square space, it somehow breaks the concept.

However I am getting a second chance to get it right, the client decided to move the pieces to her new residence in the city,

I have the privilege to currently (2019/2020) be working on this new residential interior design. Woop woooop it will be stunning all around!

This project is design and build entirely by my own hands!

True Luxury in my book, not golden taps but endless hours of thinking, modelling, carving ,time and patience!