Restaurant Noordwest year: 2006

The client was a group of three friends active in the catering industry. They asked me to transform a Restaurant and the building housing it at the “Noordermarkt” in the old “Jordaan”quarter of Amsterdam. The building housed a Restaurant that was actually cluttered and cut up in small sections.


We started with a full renovation and structural changes to the building opening up the space.  Loadbearing steel structures to be able to open the space up and maximise the space for receiving clients. Since the building housed tenants on the upper floors we decided to build a huge soundproof box within the structure.

The design challenge started with the long and narrow space that didn’t allow for enough seating space.

To accommodate more clients I decided to draw booths, People will make due with the available space and fit four in what would otherwise be a two. Second I wanted the various logistical paths towards the terraces and within to be efficient. The design allows for each booth to have slightly different character. Some envelop where others allow more sense of openness. The variety in combination with the flowing design gives a very clear yet playful environment.

On the long wall we placed a 20m long smokey mirror engraved with a sketch of a French rural landscape. The mirror enlarges the sense of space while adding a certain entertainment value.

The entire interior was CNC produced from my 3D drawings and CNC-files we supplied to enable a relatively affordable build. Back then this was quite new yet the interior builder made it work perfectly. Houtwerk in Beverwijk NL.