The Sum of my days   year: 2007>2014


During these years I had a tough time, due to a clients bankruptcy I was forced to take on any project I could get my hands on to keep my business afloat. On one end my dreams where pulling me towards developing my design work while time and the obligations to the bank was always against me. I was running my contracting business for all I was worth. And it was slowly draining me.


In whatever bits of time I had to accomplish free work I decided to try my hand at Ceramics. It took two years to make moulds, poor the little dishes and eventually years later find the time to bake, glaze and mount them.

Its an intricate piece inspired by the believe that we have this life we live which will always move forward and on top we have the challenges that pull us of our chosen path, that however hopeless if we have faith in our core values then we will overcome.

It’s a piece that is very dear to me, I might sell it one day given a generous buyer, and he or she will have to be the type of person inspiring in tenacity and spirit.