Unfold Table year: 2013

My best friend gave birth to her second daughter and while visiting I enjoyed how they sought closeness to you while playing. I designed and made this table as a gift, to serve as a coffee-table, sitting on the couch you can see your kids “unfold” before you.

The table is trapezium shaped to accommodate the two seats right across each other. All the separate angles make it a difficult table to produce. Some of the cuts are too fine an angle to cut on a regular saw table. Finally the paintjob is also a 4m2 area and needs to be done in one go, again making it a difficult job.

Although the table is costly to produce I sold them to clients all over the world, They fell in love with the sleek yet playful lines. And naturally the fact that children’s tables are rarely designed to also sooth the eye.

I still have some in store but do not plan to produce more. Price is upon request and highly dependant on your location due to transport cost.