A Premiere atSalone di Mobile 2014 in Milan last week,

For the first time I displayed my Swarm shelf system right alongside my Unfold table and work of a dozen more Dutch designers.

For me the fun of seeing multitudes of people react to the work and answering their questions is overwhelming, tired yet elated I am continuing my quest to get my work out there, I realise that finding shops and distribution parties for my work is important for many will have to experience the freedom in my work in order to place the bet and order online.

I am dedicated however to service my online clients with one-on-0ne response upon their requests and give them the support they need to have one of my pieces in their living-space.

My Unfold table drew many kids, and I laughed with silent joy at many a parent whom had severe difficulty at getting them to leave and come along. Kids do not think about design, they use! I think the strength of my table apart from its look is the simple fact that kids rarely find a place to sit and play other then high chairs they have to clamber on to. They ‘like we adults take for granted’ prefer furniture that suits them, they play actively and are in and out all the time. Your kids learn by play and their qualities unfold before your eyes.

My presence at the Fair was made possible by the foundation Zetel ( Stichting Zetel www.zetel.nl  ), their support and passion for design ensured a strong selection of work, work they will surely display at other fairs around The Netherlands and Europe for the years to come.